Make Your CPAP More Comfortable

V̇-Com provides comfort on inhalation for patients using Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP & APAP) and bi-level PAP therapy.

Are you ready to experience deeper and more refreshing sleep?

CPAP therapy is the most effective treatment for sleep apnea but adjusting to PAP therapy initially can be hard. Now you can adjust easily with this simple solution. Many people who have been on CPAP therapy for years have found that V̇-Com™ also reduces CPAP noise, reduces leak, or eliminates their need for a chinstrap. 

V̇-Com™ simply makes CPAP more comfortable.

The high flows and pressures of CPAP that are difficult to tolerate, are softened with V̇-Com™. It’s designed and engineered to soften inspiratory flow and pressure while preserving your therapy.

Together, V̇-Com™ and CPAP offer you a superior experience and the full benefits of CPAP.

Directions for Use

1. Before you begin, confirm  your PAP device is turned off.

2. Remove the V̇-Com™ device from the package and attach it to the hose between your PAP device and the mask.

3. Verify all fittings are secure before turning on your PAP device.

4. Put your mask in place, turn on your machine, lay down, and get a good night’s sleep.

5. Clean your V̇-Com™ device after each use or each 24-hour period per the instructions below.

6. If you want to use V̇-Com™ long term, it should be replaced every 3 months (similar to hoses, masks, etc.).

Cleaning Instructions

1. Cleaning your V̇-Com™ is easy.

2. Wash your V̇-Com™ with soap (e.g., Liquid dish soap) and water inserting a small, bristled brush in both ends of the V̇-Com™ device to penetrate and clean the complete airflow path. Twist the brush several times.

3. Rinse with clean water and let air dry.

4. Inspect for any damage or residue.  If seen, reclean or replace.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long you use V̇-Com is completely up to you. There’s no need to remove it, it’s designed to make your PAP therapy more comfortable. Most people will develop tolerance to the peak flows and pressures of PAP therapy over a period of weeks or months.

Once you can easily tolerate the peak flows and pressures, you can remove your V̇-Com device. If you feel you still need the V̇-Com device, simply re-install it until you are ready to try PAP therapy without it.

However, since beginning short trials with long-term PAP users we are finding many participants wish to keep and use their V̇-Com indefinitely. V̇-Com™ not only reduces inspiratory pressure and thus flow, but it “softens” the inspiratory flow curve and many patients are preferring that experience. V̇-Com™ also appears to decrease unintentional leak and mouth openings which also improves the experience and possibly the therapy. There are also numerous reports that V̇-Com reduces the noise from the device which has led to bedpartners requesting the V̇-Com in the circuit.

Yes. V̇-Com an accessory to your PAP therapy prescription and does not require a separate prescription. You can purchase more devices from your medical equipment company who has your PAP prescription on file.


Single patient use. Do not attempt to sterilize. Use cleaning instructions above. Before each use visually inspect the V̇-Com™ device to ensure airflow path is not obstructed. Replace V̇-Com™ if signs of wear are present.


Do not place the V̇-Com™ device in an active breathing circuit as this could possibly affect algorithms for auto-titration and respiratory event detection. Always turn PAP device off first, place V̇-Com™ device in the breathing circuit, and then turn PAP device back on.

V̇-Com™ affects inspiratory PAP more than expiratory PAP which may decrease pressure support and tidal volume during noninvasive ventilation (NIV). Therefore, the use of V̇-Com™ in NIV requires medical supervision.